Lot 16


Sold for: €125,000
Bidding ended. Lot has been sold.
SGC Wine is delighted to offer a once-in-a-lifetime lot for auction at amfAR 2022. Three Imperiale impossible bottles of the most exclusive wine ever produced by SGC, not available for sale. A further allocation of 8 CASES (48 SGC bottles), only available to buy by invitation. Lifetime access to acquire SGC Wines. Dinner with the Founder of SGC, Arnaud Christiaens. THE BIGGEST DISRUPTION IN THE WINE INDUSTRY SINCE THE 1855 BORDEAUX CLASSIFICATION Lauded as the “Tesla of fine wines” by top collectors, SGC Wine’s revolutionary wine making method has defined them as the biggest game-changer in the history of wine and set a new precedent for the entire industry. They have quietly been disrupting the traditional fine wine industry since 2005 with their unique approach using high-tech soil analysis. For the first time in 160 years, it has levelled the playing field of the legendary Bordeaux region. Its legacy rooted in their pioneering use of cutting-edge science to analyse and grade vineyard soil across Bordeaux and apply this to winemaking. By identifying and harnessing the power of the 4 foundational pillars essential for exceptional vineyard soil. As SGC is made using only the very best Bordeaux grapes, grown in the highest quality soil, production is extremely limited, for this reason it is strictly only available to purchase by invitation. It has fast become the ultimate wine connoisseur’s wine. This elusive and secretive wildcard of fine wine has trailblazed through to the heart of the biggest wine afficionados and critics cellars the world over. The Lot comprises of: 3 x SGC Imperiale (6 L) bottles comprises: 1 x SGC Imperiale bottle (6 L) format bottle Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2010 1 X SGC Imperiale (6 L) format bottle Medoc 2010 1 X SGC Imperiale (6 L) format bottle Pomerol 2010 1 x SGC Allocation of 48 Bottles (75 cl each) comprises: 16 x SGC Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2010 16 x SGC Medoc 2010 16 x SGC Pomerol 2010 Life membership to access SGC wines – SGC Wine’s invitation only membership and exclusively the only way to purchase SGC Wine Dinner with SGC founder Arnaud Christiaens Courtesy of Arnaud Christiaens and (@sgcwines)
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